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Emergency Tow And Snatch Straps

Tow Straps

Tow a disabled car or light pickup truck. Designed for emergency towing or race track applications. Easily attaches to the vehicle frame tow hooks. Lighter than tow chains and won't rust, rot or mildew. Not to be used for overhead lifting. The Web Sling Association and the Federal D.O.T. require the Working Load Limit to be 1/3 of the Rated Capacity.

Recovery Snatch Straps

A snatch strap is designed to recover a disabled car, suv or pickup truck. It has two loop ends. As the strap becomes tight, it stretches, storing kinetic energy from the recovery vehicle and transfers it to the stuck vehicle. The forward momentum of the towing vehicle plus the recoil action all but guarantee success when you are really stuck.

Do not use your hitch ball to snatch a disabled vehicle. The force generated when the strap is under load could detach the ball and turn it into a lethal projectile. Use frame members or towing points such as tow hooks that are rated for the job. Never join two snatch straps together with shackles. Pass the straps through each other in a figure 8 pattern and put a wood stick or rolled up magazine in between them so you can take them apart when your done. The Web Sling Association and the Federal D.O.T. require the Working Load Limit to be 1/3 of the Rated Break Capacity.

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